Helpful Hints:

100% Cotton, 9x9"
~ or ~
100% Flannel, 12x12" (two pieces)
Fabric that means something special to you
A wish for this child on a card/cardstock. Make sure you also put your name, city and state on this card. Please include a swatch of material that shows a nice part of the pattern. This card is a very important part of this project. I will put together a book of Wishes for our family to go along with the finished quilt(s).
The card/wish can be quite simple or as elaborate as you want. I have received both hand written and produced on the computer. Whichever way you decide, this is something from your heart and we will be *thrilled* with whatever you decide to do.
Feel free to send more than one fabric if you find more that you love. One wish is fine, just include a swatch of material for each square you send.
Attaching the swatch to the card: If you are not sure how to do this, don't worry. I can easily attach it for you, just leave a blank spot on the card for it.
Again, our thanks. We are so excited about this project!
Jeff & Kimberly